“We’re not going to learn a thousand moves. We’re not going to learn anything secret. We’re going to learn the right positions and we’re going to drill, drill, drill, drill until it becomes natural to them.”


Why Bosken Trained?

Cleveland, Tennessee is a special place for wrestling. The opportunities and resources available are like no other. So, we’ve founded the Higher Calling Wrestling Program to share our experience with young wrestlers across the region.
We have passionate fans, committed athletes, a rich wrestling tradition, and coaches committed to making a difference.
Meet Coach Bosken
Coach Joshua Bosken has been part of the Cleveland wrestling program for nearly 15 years. And since 2008, the school has clinched 12 state titles.
Josh was a high school state champion himself and spent time with UTC Wrestling before pursuing his coaching passion full time. One thing is certain: Coach Josh Bosken knows what it takes to build successful wrestlers.

Get BoskenTrained

Welcome to the Farm

Our wrestling campsite is set in the foothills of Tennessee, just south of Cleveland. We’ve got customized mats, a bonfire area complete with new walking path, and an expansive bunking area, too.

What To Expect

Wrestling camps are grouped by age, weight class, and experience levels. Each camp holds around 25 participants, allowing students to tackle a range of skills and techniques against different opponents.

Our Values

We take pride in LEARNING. We focus on teaching proper positions and correct technique. Once these core skills are mastered, our focus pivots to improving speed and intensity.

Our Impact

Every wrestler coming through is surrounded by knowledgeable coaches and competitive partners. We host wrestling camps for college athletes, high school wrestlers, and young ladies from Tennessee and across the country.
We start slowly by learning core wrestling skills. 
Next, they’re drilled until repetition becomes memory.  
Then, memory becomes natural wrestling technique.  



Contact us

Need more information? Send us an email joshuabosken@yahoo.com